Ahşap Terzisi

About Us

Applied Forestry Products was established in 1993 in order to bring scientific approach to the manufacture of furniture with its specialized staff.


Applied Forestry Products, which formerly accomplished professional solutions and productions such as hospitals, hotels and public institutions, has directed its gained experiences to individual solutions with its trademark “Wood Tailor” and developed economical solutions with high quality for houses, offices, shops and companies.


The trademark “Wood Tailor” is today producing individual, quality, economic, functional and aesthetic solutions for its customers in line with the developments in furniture sector in the world.


“Wood Tailor”, with its qualified and specialized staff working at its exhibition and manufacture ateliers at 1000 m² closed area is serving its estimable customers in smart designs and manufacture of kitchens, bathrooms, junior rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms, cloakrooms, bookcases, dining rooms, study rooms, furniture and panel doors, offices, companies, shops and hotels.


“Wood Tailor” has been producing high quality and durable furniture using high technology and techniques. “Wood Tailor”, which gets patent rights and official registrations for industrial design of its products, also considers decoration of buildings as a whole and thus cooperates with construction teams for their decorations.


“Wood Tailor” pays attention to the label of Turkish Standards Institution – TSE or compliance with international standards in semi-manufacture, hardware and construction materials it uses for furniture manufacture and decorations and makes its purchases directly from manufacturers or from abroad.


“Wood Tailor” will go on serving its estimable customers in the future with right solutions and economic approaches.


The right solution is single and it is the “Wood Tailor”.